How does Helpuu Work?

Helpuu is a website portal that enables everybody to help great charities by simply searching and shopping on the internet. The Helpuu search engine is extremely reliable and efficient through the use of Google's award-winning search algorithm.

Everytime you use Helpuu, proceeds from advertisers, that are raised through the use of the Helpuu website are then donated to various charities and non-profit organizations. We feature various charities and then equally distribute the proceeds to each charity. Our featured charities include:

Internet usage is growing everyday as millions of people a day search and shop on the internet. Helpuu enables you to find your results and at the same time, help others. The ability to help others through simply doing something you would do anyway is easy and effective. Imagine being able to help a person by brushing your teeth or taking a nap. You can do something you would do anyways and at the same time increase good in the world.

We strongly believe that within every person, there is a strong desire to help others. Sometimes, we don't know how or in what way we can improve the world. Through using Helpuu, you can revolutionze how people help each other and also feel great about changing the world.

How can you help?

We encourage you to set Helpuu as your home page . Every person that sets their homepage as Helpuu during the course of a month, is equivalent to feeding a starving child for about 3 weeks. If only 5% of the US population were to use Helpuu, 1,000,000 hungry kids could be fed every single day. Each person who uses Helpuu is making a difference. Remember every bit counts!

Help us spread the word about Helpuu by telling your friends and family to set it as their home page. You can also add the helpuu engine to your browser searchbox. If you have a blog then please write about us or feature our site. Add us on your myspace or facebook page and tell all your friends about Helpuu through a bulletin or an e-mail.

We hope that through using Helpuu, we all can strive to be a little better and be mindfull of the less fortunate around us. Open a door, donate your time, or even let out a smile. As we strive to help others, our own lives will become enriched.

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